At G.V Muaythai, we only offer our students AUTHENTIC Muaythai training.

Mat Reid is the head instructor, a veteran of 30 professional Muaythai fights,
and amateur boxing fights both in Australia & Thailand. Spending many
weeks & months training, living & competing in Thailand, Mat has honed his
skills, bringing traditional training techniques of Muay Thai to Shepparton.

G.V Muaythai is an authentic Muaythai gym in the Goulburn Valley, with
all instructors former professional competitors that will help you learn self-
defense and improve your fitness, strength and confidence. Muaythai will
provide you with superb self-defense skills, as well as a great training
environment with other like-minded students. By utilising the body's natural
weapons of the fists, elbows, knees and shins, coupled with vigorous training
methods, you will find Muay Thai to be simply one of the best, & easiest
martial arts to learn.

We provide a fully graded syllabus, which enables the students to set goals,
and constantly test themselves. For people that want to test themselves in
the ultimate way, we also provide professional & amateur fight training. 
With a gym full of former fighers, some highly decorated champions, you
will soon notice what can be achieved if you set your mind to something. The GV Muay Thai gym is home to many award & title winning champions, including Mat Reid, Sharon Quirk, Tommy Murray, Drew Etherington & Cameron Pegg.

Seniors Muaythai (Group A) - Monday & Wednesday 6pm
Seniors Muaythai (Group B) - Tuesday & Friday 6pm
Kyabram Class - Thursday 6pm

First lesson FREE
$90 per month or
$1000 per year
* Average class will cost less than $10 per session

We offer a direct debit service to help keep the cost of classes down.
There is no lock-in contract, and you are welcome to cancel anytime. We are a cashless business & do not offer any casual class payments. Speak to Kwanta our membership manager and she can help you work out the best membership for you, including family discounts.

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